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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 9am  NBC  December 30, 2017 8:30am-9:29am EST

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plenty to get to on this saturday. good morning. this is "nbc10 news today." thanks for being with us. i'm rosemary connors. it's 8:30. and we have issued a first alert for the snowy treacherous conditions and bitter blast of cold air. we've been telling you about this first alert to make sure you're prepared for situations just like this. not a lot of snow is falling but the ground is so cold that everything is sticking to it. the accidents are piling up here on the schuylkill expressway. this is 76 westbound between gladwyne and conshohocken. all lanes are closed after a number of cars hit each other. we're working to find out injuries. anybody on the schuylkill expressway right now is stuck in traffic. this is the scene of another crash on the schuylkill. we're talking about two crashes. this is as well westbound a little bit further ahead at gulf mills. no word on any injuries here. we do know pennsylvania state police are responding. they're working to get to the scene. now let's take a live look at
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i-95 in wilmington from our camera at the blue rock stadium. you can see traffic here is clear. that's the good news. snow has been coming down in the wilmington area for about three hours right now. now let's get more from our weather with meteorologist steve sosna. steve, we have been telling people about this for days. it's a clipper system. it's not like it's going t owevs still cold. >> yeah, it's these little storms that a lot of people like to dismiss because, oh, coating to two inches, but the problem is we've had such frigid ground temperatures, we've had this arctic outbreak and now with everything falling at one time it accumulated instantaneously and caused a real mess on the roadways. if you can, stay home. even in the camera shot here the main roads in the city are still covered right now. so, again, not good conditions out there. and that's exactly why we issued the first alert yesterday to kind of warn you of this messy
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scenario. because just a coating to two inches of snow, when cars start to run over that, it melts and freezes into ice. and with temperatures below 20 degrees, road salt is not as effective as it usually is around, you know, 30 degrees or 28 degrees. and then it just gets worse in terms of the cold as we head into tonight and through the next couple of days. so this is part one of our four-day weather event going on here. so live look at the radar. pennsylvania turnpike, schuylkill expressway, i-76, i-476, down 95 into central delaware right now seeing that snow. seeing that snow across south jersey in your neighborhoods here through burlington county. seeing snow down into atlantic county, atlantic city, southern end of montgomery county south of the turnpike there. gladwyne down town and in through dover. we have one pocket of snow now. we have another strip of snow to get through so it will be snowy through early afternoon. i'll walk you through hour by hour and also the arctic attack
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coming up in just a bit. thanks for that, steve. we've been checking in with philadelphia international, they tweeted not too long ago they are having de-icing measures underway. that's happening right now. and also they have a few cancellations out there. so if you are headed out to the airport today, make sure to check in with your airline. we're also keeping a closer eye on the roads because we know people are going to be out and about on this holiday weekend. let's check in now with nbc10's randy gyllenhaal live in upper darby, delaware county, where the flakes have been falling since early this morning, randy. >> reporter: yeah, started about 5:30 this morning. it's a real dusty light snow like steve's been saying. real easy to dust off on your car if you need to brush off your car this morning. the problem with the dusty snow though is it's a lot more slippery especially with a really cold ground. it immediately began sticking just after 5:30 to the roads and to the sidewalks. and as you can see we've got almost an inch, maybe a little more on the ground right now. take a look at the roads over here. this is westchester pike.
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it's doing a little better, now we're getting more traffic moving through here. i talked to one of the crews from upper darby's work crews out here doing the plow. he says they did brine yesterday, they've been salting all day, but t is cold because their chemical concoctions they use don't work as well when temperatures get really freezing and the ground is really frozen right now. we've been talking about thosew schuylkill expressway including at least 20 cars near the conshohocken curve, a few other places. montgomery county dispatch reporting at least ten other cases across the county. we caught up with some drivers who say it was a tough, tough ride this morning, especially early. >> it was, you know, pttbit. as long as you went slow, you were fine. >> leave the car in the parking lot -- the parking spot. looks like it's going to be slippery. i didn't see no salt get thrown last night so didn't want to risk it. >> reporter: so the salt has been put down. they're going to be keeping working at it.
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penndot says they have 100,000 tons of that stuff and they have crews working all day but the snow is coming down sticking real easy. said to be tough going for at least a time being. we're getting a lot of tweets saying stay off the schuylkill expressway if at all possible. and the snow is gi it's getting lighter right now here in upper darby. for now live randy gyllenhaal, nbc10 news. >> thank you, randy. these are the conditions on conshohocken state road inhi mo. drivers are being warned to take it easy as it's slippery and you can easily be fooled by the coating on the road. again, not too far from conshohocken state route mess on 76 which we'll be checking on throughout the morning. bitter cold will make it difficult to be outside for some of the biggest events happening in the next few days. from the eagles to the fireworks and mummers parade, you're going to need a game plan to stay a s doesn't have a retractable roof. it would certainly come in handy
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this weekend. the deep freeze will be with us when the birds take on the cowboys. fans going to the game have been visiting the pro shop to layer up ahead of sunday's showdown. >> we've got a lot of gear. got a big blanket that we'll take to the game. we got a bunch of hats. gloves, scarves. >> last night over at the blue cross riverrink on penn's landing families were bundled up by the fire when they weren't trying to stay warm skating around the rink. the show will not go on in reading this new year's eve. the midnight fireworks at the reading pagota have been canceled, but the fireworks still will be happening on penn's landing. nbc10 will be broadcasting the sugar house new year's eve display live at 6:00 and at midnight. the dangerous temperatures could force the mummers to postpone the parade on new year's day in philadelphia. a decision is expected a little bit later own today. right now the annual tradition
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is on. it's still scheduled as planned. crews have been preparing for crowds. the barricades are up along broad street. the stage is set at city hall. the string band, fancies and comics are rehearsing their routines, but if they strut they'll have to do it in possible bitter cold windchills. >> maximum of 19 with high winds, doesn't look too good. >> city and parade officials will make a final decision at noon today. if the mummers parade o postpon rescheduled for next saturday january 6th. of course we will keep you posted as soon as we learn some more information. when we're off the air, remember, you can always track the bitter cold and the snowy weather from the palm of your hand. we've got the traffic alerts, the weather updates. it's all there on the free nbc10 app. you can get the latest snow totals plus see our interactive radar. new this morning, one man is in the hospital following this house fire in philadelphia's
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feltonville neighborhood. ds 2:00 this morning. the homeowner is being treated for smoke inhalation. firefighters put down salt to try to stop ice from forming from the water sprayed on the flames. 8:38 right now on this saturday. the snow is causing accidents all across our area including a major mess on the schuylkill expressway. take a look. we are followiot two crashes on 76 west. if you do not have to be out, stay home. we've got the latest updates on this coming here today in the philly region, out west in pennsylvania, yeah, they've had more than five feet of snow since christmas eve and they're getting hit again this weekend. we'll have an update f erie. steve. >> that's right. we are tracking snow and bitter cold temperatures. i'll walk you through neighborhood by neighborhood where it's snowing heavily now and then part two which is that but first, a live look outside.
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it's a painful drive out there on the roadways. we'll have the latest coming up.
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8:40 right now on this snowy saturday. visibility is low and that's why you want to take it easy when you head out on the roads. especially the bridges in our area. this is a live look at the ben franklin bridge. the speed limit has been lowered to 25 miles an hour on all delaware river port authority bridges because of the snowy conditions and the icy treacherous roads out there. we are in fact watching problems on some of the major highways. there are reports of at least four different accidents now on the schuylkill expressway. we bring in bob kent of penndot. he joins us live by phone. bob, are you there? hey, there we go. we've got bob kent on the phone for us. bob, we're watching these accidents just begin to unfold
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on the schuylkill expressway. what can you tell us from your crews out there on the scene? >> right now i'm aware of three -- at least three incidents. i know westbound 76 west of gladwyne all lanes are shut down due to a crash involving multi vehicles. state police is on scene. west of the gladwyne onramp in the eastbound direction we have a west lane closure in terms to help emergency responders help out with the situation on the westbound lanes of 76 there. before conshohocken i know there was another crash there. there's not much traffic in that area because of the gladwyne issue. and then i'm also aware of west of gulf mills there was a crash and roads were closed briefly. but right now the left lane is getting by. so our crews are out. we have a full deployment of 182
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state trucks and more than 90 rental trucks. and we're out treating the roads. certainly as expected with the bitterly cold temperatures the snow has adhered to the roadway surface immediately. and, you know, which is kind of what we expected. and our crews are treating the roads throughout the region. you know, getting salt down and getting the blades down and plowing where needed. >> and, bob, just to be clear, you said at the moment you're watching three different crashes on 76. obviously that number could potentially change as the morning continues. and it sounds like on 76 west the last place where you could get off would be city avenue or potentially gladwyne and then from there it's blocked? >> yeah. i'm being told right now westbound west of gladwyne is shut down. i mean, certainly, i mean, yeah. i know the state police and our penndot maintenance unit are trying to, you know, to work to kind of get the cars, you know,
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cleared or moved over so we can get out there and treat the roads. as i said, one accident is pretty close to being cleared, the one west of gulf mills. but like i said the road was closed briefly but getting by now. this is a very fluid situation. obviously, you know, the state police out there, emergency responders are out there and, you know, we're doing what we can. obviously, you know, this kind of backup, you know, kind of delays our trucks are stuck in this as well so our guys are a little bit delayed in that traffic mess sort of to get out to clear the road. we're trying to get the cars maybe to the side so our crews can get in there and treat these roads and get salt down, get the blades down and clear the roadway. >> and we do see from some of our pictures out there that the emergency crews are trying to get to a few ambulances out there. what do we know about injuries,
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bob? >> nothing i'm aware of right now. i don't know anything as far as terms of injuries. unfortunately i don't have that information. the state police may have more on that. all i can really say is that pass looalong a safety message terms of some of the things you were saying earlier, if people don't need to travel, they shouldn't. and if they're on the roads, they need to take their time and reduce their speeds and really watch their following distance between themselves and the car in front of them. >> and what we are hearing from state police and obviously this is a situation in that as many as 20 cars may be involved in these crashes or these crashes combined, bob, before you go, if you can recap again the three crashes your crews are watching so people who are trying to get out there today they know where to avoid. >> okay. westbound 76 west of gladwyne all lanes are shut down.
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eastbound in the eastbound direction west of the gladwyne onramp we have a left lane closure for those emergency responders you just mentioned. westbound before conshohocken we have a crash there. i don't know how much traffic is being impacted there only because of the backup at gladwyne. and then the third one is westbound west of gulf mills. the road had been closed briefly, right now i'm told the left lane is open and getting by. >> all right. bob kent with penndot. thank you so much for giving us that information. and we will check back with you later. >> no problem, rosemary. take care. >> meteorologist steve sosna is keeping track of the snowy conditions out there, how long the snow will continue to fall, what you're seeing in your neighborhood. >> all right, rosemary. good advice, just stay home. what happens is in these kinds of situations you get all the traffic on the roadways, everybody's backed up and then
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the road crews can't actually treat the road surface. so we can't disburse those trucks that may be out there to where they need to be. so stay home a good option right now. this is a live look at cape may, new jersey. case and point. it's not just in philadelphia, south jersey seeing the samecor side and secondary roads. you're looking at the schuylkill expressway and it looks like that, you can imagine what some of the hillier streets in northwest philadesubua,s and th are right now. so let's look at the first alert. for the entire viewing area through now until tuesday at 8:00. very rarely do you ever see a first alert that goes this long. the reason why, round one is this slippery coating to two inches of snow for today, especially untreated surfaces. but also the secondary part of the storm system, which is the arctic blast, which will just be downright painful later tonight through tuesday. so take a look at radar right now. you can see the snow bands are coming up. as we look to the south another band of snow across central
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delaware, south jersey at the moment. another stripe of snow off to the west. so it's until we get rid of this second stripe weahi wy afternoo conditions will start to improve. but that's when the cold blast will arrive. i'll talk more about that coming up. erie, pennsylvania, is also dealing with snow, quite a bit of snow. fallen since christmas eve. less than a week. now parts of the area could get up to 16 inches of more snow through this weekend. the overall accumulation in erie for the month is more than 100 inches. very different picture there than here, however, we're getting our own blast of wintry weather. 8:47 right now on this rd degre. here is a live look from our kimmel center campus camera at broad street where you can see some of the flakes flying. starting to taper off. but you do see in the distance ty roads. you saw on the highways on 76 we've got accidents, that's because the ground has been so cold over the past days,
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anything falling is sticking to it. as you head out this morning, be careful. stay with us.
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here's a live look at the ben franklin bridge where we're learning the speed limit has been reduced to 25 miles an hour on all delaware river port authority bridges. it's because of the snowy conditions. really it's like ice out there. that's because the ground, the road surfaces are so cold everything is sticking to it. we've also learned that the pedestrian walkway on the ben franklin bridge is closed until further notice. again because of the conditions out there.
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we continue to track the snow and the bitter cold temperatures this morning. this new live look at i-95 in wilmington, the flakes started falling here first in our region as you can see they have tapered off. traffic is moving smoothly. no problems to report here on i-95 in wilmington. a very different picture on 76 west. we just got off the phone with penndot a few moments ago and they tell us that really the accidents they're watching, there's three of them that they know of at this point that are in the gladwyne, conshohocken and gulf mills area. so if you are heading out this morning, avoid 76. again, 95 here looking just fine in wilmington. meteorologist steve sosna is keeping track of the snow. he's been watching it since the early morning hours. and, steve, we did start to see that snow come in earlier today. i mean, we knew it wasn't going to be a major snowfall, but it almost doesn't matter because of how frigid it's been over the past few days. >> yeah. with the bigger snowstorms everybody kind of just stays inside and doesn't go out and
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about. but when you hear a coating to two inches you think, oh, okay, that's not so bad. i can get out there. the problem is that snow came down at a rate where we saw that inch or two pile up in a very short amount of time. and of course cars running over that snow melts the snow and turns it into ice and that's a big problem. the snowfall rate in center city has subsided just a bit. you still see the flakes here on the kimmel center campus camera. and it's still going to be ania sidewalks. but some of these main streets now looking just wet. and as long as we don't increase that rate back up again, a lot of those main roads will start to improve. but i would still wait until this light snow is over until the crews have thoroughly disbursed that salt and treatment on the roadways before you head out and about. and wear a good pair of shoes today that have good traction on them because you just don't know what is icy out there. first alert, we have a two-part series here. the first part is the snow that's onboard for today. lasts until about 3:00 or 4:00 this afternoon. down at the shore it ends right
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around 12:00, 1:00 in the city. and then it's allerou cold roun. and this one unfortunately will be worse than what we felt late this week. so here's a live look at the radar picture this morning. you see the steady snow from i-195 intersecting the jersey turnpike here, 295, you have 76, you have the pennsylvania turnpike, you have 476, the northeast extension there that looks snowy as down into south jersey, the 42 freeway, 55, 322, they're going to be snowy at times. and then right down into northern delaware, new castle county, south of wilmington seeing some of that snow right now. down through dover. like i said with temperatures this cold that snow is certainly a problem on the side and secondary streets. so taking you into the neighborhoods right now, here's 476 right near norristown, plymouth meeting and interchange here. we have some moderate snow going on right there. over to abington south of the turnpike and borderline
8:54 am
philadelphia, we have snow going on across the souther new jerse city, drive down the parkway u.s. 9 down towards cape may. so there's another wave of snow to go. we have to walk through that. and that will exit here later this afternoon. and then there are the windchill alerts in the upper midwest and area.s the funneling of arctic so where you see the visibility at 3/4 of a mile or less, that is the area that is seeing the most intense snowfall rates. when you see the visibility drop like that, that means the snow is coming down at a good clip. pottstown, reading, lancaster, over to trenton where you're seeing a half mile visibility, i'll walk you through hour by hour. notice it's not coming down at a real intense rate, but there is steady to light snow through this afternoon. and i just want to get through this real quickly through about 2:00 there could be a few more snow bursts and then we'll push that round out here by laterven. again, scattered slick spots the story of the day followed by the arctic cold. >> speaking of those slick spots, what we're watching are as many as three accidents,
8:55 am
possibly more. it's obviously a fluid situation on 76. take a look. we can see we've got a major backup here. it's all on the westbound lanes, that's where the crashes have happened. penndot tells us they're watching three different crashes starting around gladwyne heading toward conshohocken and then gulf mills. and then also you see in the eastbound lanes they've got one lane blocked so emergency crews can get in. we're going to continue to follow this and we'll keep you updated right here on "nbc10 news today." rid farewell to 2017 at the jersey shore as brutally cold air puts the beaches on ice with a big new year's weekend. i'm ted greenberg with the story coming up.
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8:57 right now on this saturday. this is a live look at the roads from stormforce 10. stormforce 10 right now headed towards 76 towards the
8:58 am
schuylkill expressway where we know there are at least three crashes. we actually just got an update from pennsylvania state police. they tell us that they're watching nine separate crashes all across the region. we're trying to get some more information about some of those spots they're watching. we know they're looking at the schuylkill expressway and mill creek road underpass in lower merion township and in upper merion township schuylkill expressway, again, we're going to continue to keep an eye on the roads out here, keep you posted. if you are heading out today, avoid the schuylkill expressway because as we've said it is backed up. meteorologist steve sosna will be back in just a moment with the details of your neighborhood first alert forecast.
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the ikea winter sale. wooooooo! get up to 50% off select items. now through january 10th. ikea. that breaking news, the snowy and now treacherous conditions out there out on the roads. good morning. i'm rosemary connors. it's just after 9:00 on this saturday. we have issued a first alert because of the snow and the bitter temperatures out there. and this is why. we wanted to make sure that you were prepared before you headed out on the roads today. this is the situation. take a live look at what's happening on 76 west. we've seen quite a few backups here. we know from pennsylvania state police and from penndot that they're watching a number of
9:02 am
crashes. penndot is watching three separate accidents in the vicinity of gladwyne, conshohocken and gulf mills. again, all along the westbound lanes of 76. if you are going to be out on the roads today, avoid the schuylkill expressway at all costs because as they continue to clear those accidents, cars are just continuing to pile up back up in towards philadelphia. we also have a live picture now down the shore at cape may. some of the first flakes started falling in the wilmington area, delaware and also down the shore here, this is a snowy beach avenue. fortunately very little traffic happening out there this morning. people taking it very slowly. meteorologist steve sosna has been watching the snow come in this morning. it appears as though it's tapering off, steve, but the damage has been done. >> yeah, that's right. a lot of the roads and sidewalks are still icy. and we still have a few more rounds of light snow to go. i don't think it will be at the intensity that you saw earlier this morning, but nonetheless snow still falling. this is a live look at our camelback camera where they lik.
9:03 am
but if you're thinking of heading in that direction, i would hold off travel here for a little while until the roads get better. it will be a great day out on the slopes. it will be bitterly cold, but again, the traffic conditions getting there that's the issue. it's 10 in mt. pocono right now. 18 blue bell, 16 coatesville and 20 wilmington. what happens is when temperatures are below 20 degrees, the effectiveness of road salt and road solution is not as great. so you can see accidents and crashes and all that on those main roadways even when, you know, they're being treated. so here's a look at the radar network right now. one stripe of heavier snow southern montgomery county into philadelphia. another stripe of heavier snow south jersey through northern delaware. and then we have another one going on across southern pennsylvania. so bring you in closer, again, the pennsylvania turnpike, the schuylkill expressway, all of these roadways are an issue down south jersey you'll be seeing that snow cover. and, again, we have the final push we need to get through here. the cold will be the next story that comes in after the snow departs this afternoon. the bitter and dangerous cold
9:04 am
arrives tonight. it's just downright brutal sunday through tuesday. again, tomorrow is new year's eve. monday new year's day, not great timing on this one. windchill values 5 degrees to as low as 20 degrees below zero in the lehigh valley and up into the poconos. the name of the game, cover all skin and layers, layers, layers. you want to have at least four or five layers to insulate the heat in your body, not to mention waterproof layer. because as soon as you become wet, that's when you get in trouble with your body potentially going through hypothermia. people, pets and pipes in this kind of weather. you want to check on your neighbors, anybody that's vulnerable in this kind of cold that's coming to town. here's your future feels like. after we move the snow out, it's like temperatures here later on this evening. so if you're headed for a late show or dinner, you have to be prepared, going to feel like 8 in philadelphia at 11:00, 2 in reading.
9:05 am
that cold will continue to funnel down. and that's the problem. that's why the first alert continues through tuesday. this is your new year's eve morning. zero in doylestown is how it feels. 5 below in reading. not much improvement. this is 1:00 tomorrow afternoon philadelphia, 3 in allentown. by the end of the game feeling like 7 and then we nose dive by the time we get into tomorrow evening. so by the time the ball drops in times square and festivities ngle digits to 18 landing, below zero in mt. pocono. downright painful cold. dangerous situation if you're not prepared for it. if you are prepared for it, then give it a go. but, again, you'll need to make those preparations and give yourself that extra time to do that. >> and, steve, you have been telling us this all morning long that because the ground is so cold that we have those below freezing temperatures for days that's why it is so slick. we don't have a ton of snow out there, but it doesn't really
9:06 am
matter because anything that's falling is sticking to the ground and it's just like ice. that's why we're seeing all these accidents out there. i just want to give you an update from the montgomery county department of public safety. they say they're watching 15 separate accidents on roads throughout montgomery county. obviously some of the big ones are on 76 west. we know that from pennsylvania state police and also from penndot. they tell us that all lanes west of gladwyne are shut down. so if you're on 76, chances are you're probably in that backup. and if you're trying to get off, you're looking at city avenue, possibly the gladwyne exit. and also we know from pennsylvania state police they're watching about nine accidents out on the area highways. we're going to continue to watch all of them and keep you posted as soon as the information comes in. obviously a very fluid situation here. nbc10's randy gyllenhaal is keeping an eye on the roads in the suburbs. he's in upper darby, delaware county. randy. >> reporter: good morning, rosemary. it is that really dry fluffy snow that's just been falling all morning. it's not a lot of it in the grand scheme of things, just an
9:07 am
inch or two on the ground. let me show you in this parking lot next to a wawa, it just dusts right off. the problem is it's not melting. we look at the roads it was sticking all morning, the good news we're starting to get more traffic coming through. most people we've been watching taking it slow. but you can see the traffic will start to get some of that snow off the roads and make the roads a little bit better. but it's the highways that are causing the most problems right now. like we've been reporting, pennsylvania state police tracking at least nine crashes on the schuylkill expressway. they crashes involve eight or more vehicles each. so things are piling up. lanes closed. we've been catching up with drivers who say that snow has been sticking to the ground and making things really tough this morning. >> to clean off the car was really easy, but, yeah, it's really powdery, but it's still sticking. so it's kind of hard to maneuver because it's definitely not just sticking to the ground but sticking to your tires too. >> reporter: yeah, she said it was like driving on dust, that's
9:08 am
how slippery it is. cold weather that we're going to get over the next couple of days. we see people out here waiting for the bus stop. even as the snow starts to taper off and it is ending here in delaware county, the cold will kick in. we're a bit concerned about the refreeze and just also bundle up if you're headed out. and of course avoid the schuylkill expwa hours. live in delaware county, randy gyllenhaal, nbc10 news. >> that's right. some of the westbound lanes past gladwyne are shut down because crews trying to get in there and clear those accident scenes. this is what it looked like a little bit earlier this morning in gladwyne, montgomery county, this is around conshohocken state road. drivers, again, take it easy. it looks picturesque out there. it's a nice snowfall on a saturday, however the conditions are treacherous because the ground has been so cold and everything that's falling is sticking to it. we're going to continue to keep you updated and as soon as we get more information about the roads and what to avoid out there. obviously we're also watching the weekend events.
9:09 am
a lot of people planning to ring in the new year up in the pocono mountains. they're heading out on the slopes. this is from the skiers, snowboarders and tubers getting a head start yesterday. frigid weather drove a lot of people indoors, but many others bitter blast considering that the season started really late last year. the slopes are guaranteed to be covered with manmade or natural snow for new year's. >> i know last year as an example they didn't open until after the first of the year, so when we heard all the chair lifts were running and most of the trails were open, we decided to make the trip up for the day. >> bear creek says all of its trails are now open. the resort expects those trails will be packed because all of the hotel rooms are booked this weekend. remember, whenever we are not on the air, you can always track the bitter cold, the snowy conditions, the traffic, the crashes all from the palm of your hand by downloading the free nbc10 app. again, you can see interactive radar and get the first alert
9:10 am
updates. 9:09 right now on this saturday. we continue to track the snow out there. in some spots it's tapering off. this is aook from stormforce 10 on the back roads here in montgomery county that have been cleared. that's the good news. highways that were treated overnight they turned into practically an ice -- a sheet of ice. that's why we've seen all those crashes this morning, steve. >> that's right. if you can, stay home here for the next couple of hours until the road crews properly treat everything. after part one moves out, it's all about part two. that is the deep freeze. serious cold coming to delaware and lehigh valley. i'll walk you through the feels like temperatures, and they're ugly, coming up. but first, a live look at i-95 in south philadelphia and you can see it's slippery out there right now.
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9:13 am
9:13 right now on this saturday morning. here's a live look from stormforce 10 on montgomery avenue approaching suburban square there in montgomery county. you can see snowy conditions out there on the roads. the good thing is that crews treated many of the roads overnight, however, even some of the highways turned to ice early this morning as that snow started to fall. we know that we're watching a number of accidents on the schuylkill expressway. at last check pennsylvania state police said they had about nine accidents they were following. it's really concentrated in the area of gladwyne, conshohocken, gulf mills. in fact, penndot told us not too long ago that all of the lanes, the westbound lanes of 76 are
9:14 am
shut down just west of gladwyne. i live picture with that camera. you can see just a mess out there. and even the eastbound lanes, that's where you're seeing emergency vehicles, that's backed up because they have to get those fire trucks, the ambulances in there to make sure that everyone who may be injured is treated. we also started to see what appeared to be a septa bus coming there potentially to take out and the passengers whose cars were involved in that crash. remember, they're stuck out there in the bitter cold. again, we continue to watch this. we're also talking to folks from around the region including andrew bush with septa. andrew, are you there? >> hello? >> hey, andrew, thanks for being with us. >> hi. >> we have andrew bush by phone from septa. andrew, i was just saying in that picture a moment ago of 76 west at gladwyn though a septa bus may have responded to that scene to help take out some of the passengers, some of the drivers whose cars were involved in that mess. can you give us a little bit
9:15 am
more information about that? >> yeah. that's correct. that's exactly what we were rrence when. we have an emergency situation, particularly in extreme weather we work with local first responders if they need either a rescue bus or if they need a bus for relief for police or firefighters who may be on scene. so that's something we always try to assist with whenever possible and whenever needed. >> that camera we had a moment ago, andrew, was at gladwyne where we saw the septa bus come through. any other locations where you're sending some of your crews? >> not as of yet, but we'll be ready to help wherever needed through the day. we know it's going to be a day of temperatures and now also with the snow. we'll be ready to assist where needed. >> all right, andrew, talk totr. how is that running this morning? >> so far septa is in pretty good shape. what we're doing on the roads
9:16 am
with our buses is slowing speeds down a little bit just to follow some basic safety guidelines for this type of weather. and of course as the day goes on we'll continue to monitor closely the conditions of the roads to determine if we need to make any other changes. the rails and also subways, everything isun time right now. we would advise anybody going out to catch septa plan for a little bit of extra time. your bus or your train might be running a little slower than normal. but right now all our normal services are up and running. >> we know sometimes, andrew, when the temperatures really dip and especially when you get snow on top of it sort of this one-two punch that the rails can become frozen just like any other surface out there. anything that you're doing to make sure that doesn't happen and doesn't slow down transportation in the coming days? >> well, for the most part just running the trains as we're doing today. that helps us keep the rails
9:17 am
warm and also on regional rare the overhead wires. we have to worry about possible icing on the overhead wires that can cause us problems there. so just the act of running the trains in regular service helps a great deal with that. and then we just have to closely monitor to make sure we're not having any problem areas. >> andrew, while i still have you on the phone and i'll let you go in just a moment because i know you're busy, obviously we have a holiday coming up, new year's day, quick reminder about schedule? >> yeah. so our schedules we're running a regular weekend schedule today. so any services that somebody would normally expect on a regular saturday today, same thing for tomorrow for new year's eve, although new year's eve we do have added service on regional rail for people who are out celebrating either locally or coming back from new york for celebrations. and then some adjustments to bus
9:18 am
routes on monday for the mummers parade. >> andrew busch with septa, thank you so much for speaking with us. we may check back in with you later. >> sure. >> appreciate it. if we can i want to get back to that live picture of 76 in gladwyne. steve, you and i have been talking about this all morning long about the snow coming down. you've really been telling us about it like, yeah, this is not going to be a blowout storm. we're not going to get a foot of snow out there, but the fact that we've had freezing, sub freezing temperatures all week, that's what makes the snowfall significant. >> yeah. i don't know what picture that is that you're looking at. it looks like an interchange. oh, there we go. that's the 76 shot. and you can see the icy conditions out there. that was the concern with this is that the snow would come down. and it necessarily wouldn't be stacking up to several inches, but it would just be that coating, maybe half an inch to an inch. and what happens is when your car tire runs over that, it compresses the snow. it's a heating process. it melts the snow. and it can turn the snow into a
9:19 am
sheet of ice. and i think that's what happened there on the schuylkill expressway in some instances where the snow was coming down so fast and the road crews can only do so much when there's traffic out on the roadways. that's advising you if you can stay home, stay home. in these kinds of situations they're very fluid, so we'll just wait until the snow is out and then the road conditions should get better later on see light snow falling in wilmington, delaware. temperature right now is 20, so that's a little improvement over where we were earlier which was the teens. so the warmer we can get that temperature, the more effective those road chemicals, the road salts are and the better off the roads will be this afternoon. this is a live look from our mellon camera to get your bearings it's the 30 street station, train coming into the station right now, train going out. this is the schuylkill expressway right now. and you can see, you know, traffic moving along in this part. you know, moving through center city up to the 676 interchange looks decent. but even the bridges and overpasses you need to watch out. one spot may be wet, another
9:20 am
spot may be icy. you just don't know in this kind of weather. unfortunately that's what gets people into trouble and that's why we see crashes outside. so visibility right now where you see the lowest numbers that's where the snow is coming down at a steady clip. so 3/4 of a mile in trenton, 3/4 of a mile in reading, half mile in pottstown. so that is our area to watch as of now. >> thanks for that, steve. 9:20 right now on this saturday. here's a live look from stormforce 10 making its way through montgomery county. we're actually trying to get as close as we can to that crash scene, one of the many crash scenes on 76 west. we'll try to get you a view of the overpasses. here's what we know of those many crash scenes on schuylkill expressway westbound, they're happening t gladwyne, conshohocken, gulf mills. in fact, penndot has been telling us as they try to clear these scenes, the lanes that are west of gladwyne, westbound west of gladwyne, all of them, all those lanes shut down. again, we're going to be
9:21 am
continuing to watch the snowy and now treacherous conditions out there on the roads. make sure you're staying safe, staying do
9:22 am
9:23 am
9:23 right now on this saturday. 19 degrees outside. here's a live look from our eagles nest camera at lincoln financial field. a snowy lincoln financial field. obviously this will be a different picture tomorrow when the birds take on the cowboys. we continue to track the snow and the bitter cold temperatures. now to another live look.
9:24 am
this is from our kimmel center campus camera in center city, philadelphia. taking a live look over broad e falling, starting to taper off, but the roads out there look wet. that's the good news in places like center city they've been treated, they're doing just fine. some of the back roads here this is looks like we're old gulf road in montgomery county, you can see they're still snow covered. that's because the ground has been so cold over the past few days that really anything that's falling is sticking to it. now another live look at 95, gerard point bridge. traffic moving just fine here. we'll continue to keep you posted on the crashes on 76 in just a moment.
9:25 am
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choose help over helplessness, hope over hopelessness. make sure that the lives we've lost will not have been lost in vain. addiction is a disease. when you ask for help, help is there for you. welcome back. 9:26 the first alert continues for our two-part storm here.
9:27 am
the first part, the snow that's ongoing right now now through early afternoon. then part two will be the bitte. our coldest stretch of sub 32 days since the early 2000s. more on that and also the snowiest neighborhoods in our area coming up as we have continuing coverage of the snow that's impacting the tri-state area and the slippery road conditions. we'll break down all the accidents and more coming up.
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that breaking news, the snowy and treacherous conditions outside. we are watching a number of crashes across the region this morning. good morning. this is "nbc10 news today." thanks for being with us. i'm rosemary connors. it's 9:30 now on this saturday. we issued a first alert for today. what does that mean? we wanted to make sure you were prepared before you headed out the door. and this is why. this is video from earlier this morning of 76 west. that's where those crashes are happening right in the area of gladwyne, conshohocken, gulf mills. that's where you see those cars, a lot of them piled up, banged


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